Where are the “experts” now??

Where are the “experts” now??

I think just this one trading suggestion of mine should easily prove the power in my teachings!! What about you??

The 3x ETF’s of GDX are up many 100’s of % just since Jan 22 & a person could just buy these like a stock without the per contract commissions or the need to follow it so closely, but still get at least 3x more than GDX bought outright! That means large investments like when you buy a stock!

$100,000 invested in Jan, is now nearly $1,000,000! That is power! But, as I have BEEN explaining since before Jan, that extremely advanced monthly chart on GDX has made all of this possible! I have explained to the class MANY times since January, that we don’t need “quantity” in trades, but rather “quality”! A person has not needed to trade any other symbol since Jan other than GDX or the 3x ETF’s of GDX! Incredible!! But, true!!

You heard it from me first! Not the “experts”!