Volatility shout out VXX – just how much warning did you need?

Once again, the powerful strength
in the daily VXX MACD 
has BEEN far ahead of the price
(up divergence, hint hint)…… Great options trades!
Here was the first warning 1-12-18
Still not convinced? 
How about this chart of VXX on 1-23-18 
look where the MACD says the price should be
Do you see it now? 
By Friday 2-2-18 VXX was really flying
Here’s how you could have profited
VXX 35 calls expiring February 9, 2018
35c on 1-23-18  were $1.34 on 2-2-18
they closed on $20.80 on 2-5-18
We can show you to how to do this
March 22 – 23, 2018, Orlando, FL
2 full days on options trading 
using MACD divergence 

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Both days are live charts all day, so we recommend you bring your computer with you. It’s like no other seminar, no dreary 200 page seminar manual with pages of printed charts and notes.
This seminar is all about you and interacting with you directly using live action where possible, so you’ll get to fully understand how Dale does what he does andstart to make it your own trading philosophy.
The seminar takes place at our regular hosted location we’ve used over the last 10 years at the Hilton Garden Inn, 7300 Augusta National Dr, Orlando, FL 32822. It’s literally minutes from the airport and has courtesy shuttle transport.
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Here’s what you’ll learn during 2 days of intensive training

  • why options offer you a great alternative investment limited risk, but unlimited potential
  • the extraordinary power of compounding your money
  • goal setting to determine your starting point and your desired results
  • chart analysis to determine the best patterns to achieve greatest gains
  • classroom examples of how to locate trades using end of day charts
  • when to buy calls
  • when to buy puts
Limited seats we keep these events small group don’t delay reserve your seat now
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