Your blueprint to trading success

A very specific chart pattern


The blueprint calls for us to apply the MACD to a specific chart pattern. This is the cornerstone of the blueprint; its the relationship of the chart and indicator patterns.

A common indicator used in a unique way


We measure the force by an indicator that is found in every modern charting program available on any platform. When used correctly, the MACD shows us the force BEFORE it moves the market or stock.

Unlimited potential for gains

Winning trade


Quickly and Confidently pick winning trades by identifying Clearly Defined Patterns that Result in the Highest Returns and Least Risk.

Right option at the right time


Use Divergence Analysis and Options to Maximize your Profits by Determining the right strike and let option leverage work for you.

Insane profits


Learn how to let the profits run and Recognize the exact point where the trade is likely to reverse directions, Exit the trade, Ring the Cash Register and pocket Insane Profits.