Hi Dale,

Just wanted to report a 1000% return on the SPY 192 puts on Friday. Identifying the right chart pattern on the LTFs with added patience were the key elements. Thanks you again for the knowledge imparted. 9/29/15

Nan Kanhai

Dale –

It’s Kristen and I just wanted to send you a note to say how truly grateful I am for what you do. This last Friday’s class clarified so very much of the nuances that can go misunderstood but are the difference between making a fortune and loosing one’s money, that what you did for myself and the class by having these Friday expiration classes is something no one has ever done for me not even close. I learned so very much that I am still reveling in the fact that I get to be a part of. I just want you to know that you are changing my life in ways I never imagined and it’s almost as if saying Thank you just doesn’t really explain how truly grateful I am for your teachings!!

You are truly a legend and the results of my trades are beyond my wildest dreams! I just felt that I needed to let you know what you are doing for me is more than I have ever experienced not to mention your wonderful attitude and teaching ability and most of all your continued patience when we are learning how to get to that pot of gold at the end of the tunnel……

Kristen King

Kirsten King

Being able to communicate and go over the markets live is a must for anyone who is dedicated to mastering this method. You have the chance to ask so many questions and also go over live opportunities. I would highly recommend this to everyone at some point during their trading careers. The most important thing I learned was keeping a simple mindset and not over thinking. Many thanks to Dale and the Options Hunter team!

Endri Hidri talks about Mastering Options Trading

A short note to say thank you for what you have taught and what I have been able to learn from your simple pattern. 2014 has been a very good year thanks to you. I am still amazed at how often the pattern will appear time and time again. As you preach just patience. Anyone taking the time to learn to see the pattern will become financially secure and have many Happy New Year’s.

Happened again this morning after the open. GLD 5 minute weak UsDiv but lower showing the power to push up. 117C .05 out at .26. Not a pattern for any long time just in and out. But 5 times my money is something I may have dreamed of and been somewhat skeptical when I started with you. Now it is just business as usual.

Thank you seems inadequate for what you have shared with us all. I for one am extremely thankful.

My wish for us all is a Healthy New Year, your pattern takes care of the Happy.

Best to you and yours, Lud

Just a short note to say thank you to Dale for your amazing technical advancements in the science of Technical analysis in trading. They are so good, they hold equally well for the short and longer term trader, as well as the short, medium and long term investor.

I have over the last 40 years been a keen observer and practice of technical analysis. I rate over the last 100 years, Jessie Livermore, WD Gann, Nicholas Darvis, and Joseph E Granville as clear leaders in developing major technical advancements, that consistently work, and who they and others successfully made money with them.

After being taught by Dale I would have no hesitation to say that Dale belongs in the top four and in his contribution to answering the question, “What makes prices move?” He stands alone.

You will be amazed on how simple and clever his ideas are. Anyone can do his steps to trading. If you take time to practice the simple steps correctly.

Dale is not esoteric and does not overcomplicate things. Every word of his teaching is directed to demonstrating how to solve base trading/investment problems. I rate them as good as I have seen.

  • He answers the question. Is the price about to move sharply higher/lower or will it drift?
  • He shows you how to accurately and objectively define the true buy and sell position in a trade.
  • Before you make a trade, he shows you a simple and precise way get confirmation of the value of the trade, to reduce risk in the trade.
  • He shows simple and precise way of measuring the approximate or potential price level before the price move.
  • Dales fully utilizes his discoveries of the relationships between time frames (monthly, weekly, daily etc), to allow accurate comparison with one time frame to another, to negate risk in the trade. (Makes sense after you have seen the beginners tapes).
  • Through this, Dale total focus is to raise the probability of success and profitability of any position taken.

These is no such thing as risk free trading but this is as close to it as I have ever seen. The true “risk” is in “not paying attention” to the details of the patterns, not in trading itself. You will be given all the information in a number of formats. Relax and slow down. Don’t rush.

Thank you Dale I truly appreciate your efforts.
John E

Here’s what John E. had to say

Guru Dale,

I’m a rookie in your class, but paying lot of attention to your details. Last Friday, you did Tweet on downward pressure on GLd,SLW and SLV. I bought hundreds of put in various account.

I don’t know how to handle 600%, so I sold it today one of the account (check out timestamp of buy and sold) here is the proof. This is my first ever 600% in my life and I would like to use some of this profit for good cause – I BOW to you.

SLW Bought 0.07 SLW Sold 0.42


“For years I thought scalping bond futures was the way to financial freedom-until I met Dale Wheatley!!! Yesterday I bought Google January 630 puts at .60 and sold them at $16.70!!! I know that option went higher, but I was happy with those results!!! I have said to you that this ” IS THE MOST POWERFUL AND OUTRAGEOUS SYSTEM I HAVE EVER SEEN IN 20 YEARS!” Outrageous only because the returns are obscene!!!!

I have a friend that has traded for Cargill in the Corn Pit Futures for the last 29 years and he still cannot believe the returns on your basic system. No Fibonacci, no Elliott Waves, no help from insiders in the government!!! Just watching a pattern that just does not look right-how difficult? Did I catch the pattern exactly at the right time-no, but getting closer and closer to perfection! A few more bats to the head and a few more screams of “How easy is this, it’s the same,same, same pattern!” Dale I cannot thank you enough, it has taken a while for me to deprogram myself from scalping- and NOW I am gutting the market!! Thank you for your teaching and pounding the table week in and week out-it finally does sink in!!!

I think a few more perfect trades and I will be booking that “Millionaires Cruise!” First stop Cayman Islands-to make a deposit!!”

Steve M

“I would like to take this Opportunity to Sincerely THANK Dale Wheatley for being the MENTOR, MASTER TRADER and LIFE CHANGER That he is! I enrolled with Option Hunter over a year ago with NO PRIOR trade skill and can say that with the DISCIPLINE and FOCUS over time that trading Dale Wheatleys SYSTEM has Changed my LIFE! Thanks to Dale I CONTROL MY ECONOMY. THANK YOU DALE for all you Do and for being the ROLE MODEL that you are!”

Nick Saba

“…you were right, and thanks…..I sold at end of yesterday because I knew I would be in and out of the office today and couldn’t watch the tape. So, I got “stuck” with “only” 100% gain..!”


“…you have done it again on the LLL June 95 Puts! Bought OTM this morning and they immediately went ITM for a very quick, respectable profit. I an still very new but the divergence pattern looked very good to me so I took the trade with no hesitation because the hourly was straight down.”

Mike Richards

“I’ve been trading Dale’s concepts in my trading account this year. since i put on my first trade I’ve averaged about 5% increase in my trading account value per trading day.”


“I have listened to Dale Wheatley’s teaching on his DVD course, and in my opinion, it is the most significant breakthrough in technical trading techniques to predict successfully the direction of the market I have ever come across. Its potential is truly unbelievable! It seems simple, but the actual mastering of his technique using the MACD indicator takes great skill, focus and discipline, and is truly an art form of the highest caliber. I would recommend it highly for anyone. I have taken courses for hundreds and thousands of dollars more expensive, and yet this DVD course is the most valuable I’ve learned in all my years of option training! I cannot recommend it highly enough!”

McCarthy (Mack) Crenshaw, Jr., Jacksonville, Florida.

“Dear Dale,

I just want to thank you.

Every day, I thank God I could buy your DVD a few months ago. I’m 55 and I feel my life (as an active guy) is changing quickly. I thank you for sharing your ideas and your way of thinking with others. Many would have taken these kind of ideas for themselves.

I thank you for your ideas about money, and how you consider it – “That’s just something that would allow me to do what I want to do”. That’s just my way of thinking.

For a long time, I’ve been trying to set up a “trading plan” based on the same ideas (“jolt”) but could not find the right way to do it.Your DVD was what I was waiting for, for a long time.

I only could follow your “webinars” the next or following day (because I’m in Europe), but whatever, the general ideas or the “philosophy” of your sayings seemed to me as important (or more important) than the technical ones.

As you said, “Give a man a fish, he will eat one day, teach him how to fish, he will eat every day”. I think I can leave now.

Once again, thank you for being what you are.”


“….my subject line to Dale was simply to say “thanks” for the general strategy that he is teaching us with the double tops and double bottoms with the MACD divergence patterns. Because of what he is teaching “in general”, I found this trade this morning.”


“The greatest benefit I have received from this experience is a better understanding of the trading method that Dale has been teaching. We spent extensive time discussing what to look for from the charts. I am more confident now in my ability to see the right patterns forming and understand when it’s time to take action??I would recommend that everyone that is interested in options trading and in the option Hunter group takes this mentoring course.”





“As I have become aware of and began to embrace Dale’s methods over the last two months or so, I am astonished at it’s basic simplicity conceptually. Of course, it takes patience and effort to become proficient as does anything of value, but the real simplicity of the system is what made it attractive to me initially as well as somewhat difficult to believe.”

“Undoubtedly, there are many of you on this board who have studied technical analysis in its many iterations to much greater levels of detail than I have, however, I have been searching for a reliable and consistently effective system on and off for about 12 years or so. Many can be demonstrated to be profitable but often lack in one of at least two areas. (1) They do not produce a high enough return on a consistent basis to justify the risk, or, more often, (2) they are so complex (using many indicators in combinations that vary based on market conditions) as to make them less than elegant – more or less clumsy in my opinion.”

“What Dale hath wrought alleviates both of those concerns! It is as close to the trader’s “Holy Grail” (in essence, a system free of either of the above deficiencies) as any of us are likely to find; particularly if you, as myself, have been attracted to the advantages that options trading affords prior to ever seeing Dale’s method.”

“The fourteenth century teacher and logician William of Ockham is remembered for a principle he set down that we know as Ockham’s Razor. It was made somewhat popular in Carl Sagen’s novel and film “Contact”. Sagen provides a valid statement of the principle when he has his central character, Dr. Ellie Arroway (played in the film by Jodie Foster) make the remark, “All things being equal, the simplest explanation that accounts for the largest amount of the evidence is usually the correct one.”

“As Ockham originally stated his principle “It is vain to do with more what can be done with less.” and “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.” What I have observed to date of Dale’s simple (in concept) price vs MACD divergence is a real and potentially very profitable application of Ockham’s Razor to market technical analysis. He has discovered and taught himself as well as others to recognize the reality of what was always there waiting to be discovered.”

“I, for one, am very grateful for that. I suspect I’m not alone. A whole new world has opened in front of me since discovering this system which, as a teacher, I’m sure Dale appreciates hearing.”

Mark Valand

“I don’t speak up very often but I wanted to personally thank you for helping me stay focused on Google this week. Your analysis a couple of weeks back gave me the courage and confidence to pursue this trade.”

“I had taken notes on your webinar from a couple of weeks ago, where you specifically highlighted Google as a study and discussed why technically the stock price belonged above $560. I waited and watched for a good entry and option price on the $560 call options for October.”

“I had written on my calendar that Google reported earnings on October 14th. Exactly as you mentioned last night in your update to us, sometimes the charts needs a ‘catalyst’ to kick off. That is how I regard earnings announcements…strictly as catalysts to give the charts a nudge. In this case, it was more like hitting the chart with a sledge hammer, wasn’t it? Great move last night and today.”

“Anyway, again I wanted to personally thank you. I had made a very conservative purchase yesterday before the close once I saw the 15minute chart kicking up….just 1 contract filled for $3.80. I also bought 1 contract for my mother’s account. She funded an account with Eoption with $1500 for me to manage. This morning I called her to tell her this one transaction had literally tripled her account. It felt so good, Dale.”

“I can’t thank you enough. Stay well.”

Leslie Deuel

“I began in options trading around 8 years ago with mixed results. In my first three trades eight years ago – Yahoo, Starbucks and Rimm – I doubled each of these in two to three days using only the MACD. Then I decided I needed to learn more indicators. This reminds of of T.S. Elliot:

“We shall not cease our exploration,
And at the end of our exploring,
We will arrive at the place where we started,
And know it for the first time.”

I did three paper trades last week, and each of them doubled. Starting with $100 – in thirteen trades, I will have in excess of one million dollars. I literally had the concept of divergence backwards…! Unbelievable. I am now calling the MACD – the Massive Accumulation of Cash and Dough.”

Daniel R

“Dale is an inspiring Mentor who is a master of his subject, an outstanding teacher. His teaching had a profound effect on what I now believe I can achieve in trading compared to how I viewed things before I entered the program. And I believe his methodology is the most efficient direect route to wealth accumulation I can think of.”


Dear Dale Guru,

Pranam and Merry Christmas. Thank you for being a part of life. I had a good month. I just cannot believe i traded GE calls at four different strikes: $15, 16, 17 and 18. Every time i sold for more than double and each one of them went over 10 fold!

This is too good to be true. At the least, i am now able to see the entry. I was following “doubling” as my sell signal fearful of not losing. My second phase begins now,when i will follow “proper” exit signs. Then is the third phase when i will roll over like you recommend.

I need to work at my own speed and at my own comfort level. I have seen extreme poverty in my childhood in India. USA has been too good to me that gave me career as a chemical engineer. I am retired and fear losing what i have.

My goal for 2012 is to double ten consecutive trades turning $1,000 into a million dollars that i plan to donate to www.pratham.org – a charity that teaches poorest children in India how to read, write and count.

Mahatma Gandhi was my hero as a child. As a retiree, Dale, you are my hero.

Happy Holidays.

Yogi Patel

Just made a nice profit on VXX puts. This trading system is incredible when you know how to enter. Thank you very much again Dale for sharing this with us. Your patience with us is paying off good sir! Can’t wait for the cruise!

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Hi Dale

Short note the usual list worked for a short term trade in GLD.

Went looking through the long list of stocks I had on the computer
the 10 minute for CRM looked good to me (not perfect but met
the rules I thought) bought the 135 C for .01 out at .25.


It really, really, really does work if you go after the “Details”

Lud Mayleas

Just made a nice profit on VXX puts. This trading system is incredible when you know how to enter. Thank you very much again Dale for sharing this with us. Your patience with us is paying off good sir! Can’t wait for the cruise!

Matt Teuschel

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