Options Hunter New Divergence Summary Makes Good


Following extensive feedback from Options Hunter members we have introduced a summary barometer of the major indices and stocks covered in our weekly Options Hunter live webinar. 
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Take a look at last week’s summary below that came out on February 15, 2017. What you’re seeing is the status of the MACD divergence on Weekly and Daily time-frames. If it’s a ‘YES’ then these tickers have the potential to move in the direction of the divergence especially when lower time-frames diverge in the SAME DIRECTION. 

oh-summary 2-14-17

JWN – Nordstroms daily divergence was on our summary. You can clearly see the reason it was one of the 6 stocks we highlighted.
From late January through the first week in February, JWN barely moved in price. Look at the MACD during the same period
IT CLEARLY SHOWS PRICES should be much higher


If you were you watching these divergent stocks a couple of days later, you couldn’t help but notice a very clear 5 min chart to “jolt” the price on JWN Friday 2-17-2017. 


If you’d bough JWN out of the money calls on Friday 2-17-17 you would have made hundreds of percent gain and more if you’d bought the 45 calls expiring that same day.