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Wall Street is run by really smart marketers’ and over the last decade the options market has exploded. These guys figured if traders like trading options monthly then traders are going to love trading options that expired weekly…… and darn …they were right. Weekly options provide you the trader the opportunity to write yourself a big fat Paycheck every Friday.


And boy were those marketers right. Check out the growth in the options trading. Unbelievable!


options trading strategy, options trading strategies, option trading strategies

If youre prepared to invest a full day I’ll train you  how to find the trades .live –  you will  see exactly what to look for and what to do when you see it and how to write yourself a check..on Paycheck Fridays

…and at a price that virtually anyone can afford.(if you cant afford ityou probably shouldnt be trading optionsPERIOD)

…and once you learn the Options Hunter method of trading, you can make great money (not just on Fridays) even if some trades go south!!!

I’ve taught hundreds of traders since 2007  my methodology, focusing on longer term monthly options. Now we focus on both loner term and shorter term!

What people are saying

I picked IWM and bought the 115.5P was in at .03 out this morning near open at .90. Looking now for the possible short term Double Bottom up MAC. It is expiration and does not take much.


BIDU 165 puts that expire this Friday were just $.04 even at 10:30am EDT yesterday, 2 hours after I Tweeted about it! Today, those same puts are $4.60, up 115 TIMES your 💰💰!! Not bad for 1 day’s investing! An investment of $1,000 yesterday would now be $115,000!


Bought  FCX Jun 26 2015 20.50 Call  06/23/2015 11:12 ET  Executed  111 options at  9 cents, sold  them next day  06/24/2015 11:50 ET  at 48 cents.


Truly amazing, that with only $1,000 dollars invested, a trader can make  from $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 easily. Really Awesome.


Happened again this morning after the open. GLD 5 minute weak UsDiv but lower showing the power to push up. 117C .05 out at .26. Not a pattern for any long time just in and out. But 5 times my money is something I may have dreamed of and been somewhat skeptical when I started with you. Now it is just business as usual. 


I don’t know how to handle 600%, so I sold it today one of the account (check out timestamp of buy and sold) here is the proof. This is my first ever 600% in my life and I would like to use some of this profit for good cause – I BOW to you. SLW Bought 0.07 SLW Sold 0.42



Based on feedback from our traders we launched  a live collaborative service where we host a live training/Trading on Option expiry on the third Friday of every month at a price almost anyone can afford.

On Paycheck Friday I provide a blow by blow analysis of  trading opportunities as they unfold in the market in real time with the help of 30+ of my senior Options Hunter traders.

 Options trading  on Paycheck Friday is a powerful training/trading  day and you now have an opportunity to witness  this uniquely structured webinar and understand my motto…

Apply the process…the results will take care of themselves!

Paycheck Friday is not a passive  watch and learn but more a work and do. My senior traders are watching a set list of potential tickers for setups ALL THE TIME.

How do we achieve incredible percentage returns on expiry day?

There are two components that are required to make the big money. As you know options are composed of two components:

  • time premium
  • intrinsic value

On option expiry time premium  for many options is non existence, Nada, zero, zilch as there is  little time remaining and when combined with trading options that are OTM (if  you’re not sure what that means ….you probably should stop reading now.) provides the perfect combination for Paycheck Friday.

4 cents to 16 or 20 cents is common with these types on options every single Friday.  We only trade instruments with high liquidity and large open interest.

How do we find trades that meet the criteria?

My senior Options Hunter traders are each assigned 1 or 2 tickers to hunt throughout the day. Their  sole purpose on options expiration Friday is to constantly search for setups meeting the Hunter requirements. The prefect pattern, an identifiable divergence and multiple timeframe support

Once identified,  I will review the validity of the pattern and with the Hunters. be warned, though I not here to provide definitive trading decisions, rather I’ll provide the insight and knowledge to help you Hunters hone your skills.

Whats needs to happen to  make the big money?

Three things that need to occur to make the magic.

  • Right pattern
  • Confirmed divergence
  • Synchronized timeframes.

When these are all aligned it makes worthless contracts about to expiry into mega rock stars….week in and week out

  • As one of my Hunters said “watching you do this for real, I finally get it and it’s a lot easier than I thought!”
  • If you’ve ever been confused when doing your analysis or found a strategy hard to understand, then this live webinar is for you.

This is a powerful trading approach is only available if you meet the required criteria:

  • Experienced in technical analysis and specifically momentum indicators and the concepts of divergence.
  • Have experience with options trading.
  • Prepared to study a short video series on the option hunter methodology.

Meeting the above criteria will allow you a one time only opportunity to watch one Paycheck Friday in action

I decided that THIS IS IT – anyone who is ready to grab this opportunity is going to have the chance to learn what really DOES work when it comes to training  and actually see me using my training  strategies live.

If you want to be able to make money from Trading , it’s now or never

If you don’t do this now, you probably never will, and could miss out on the lifestyle and freedom of choice that being a successful trader gives you.

But if you take action now and grab this opportunity you could soon be getting the kind of results that my Hunters are and start living the life you really want.

Dale Wheatley

P.S. One client used the ‘Hunter’ strategy on Options Expiry using the exact rules you are going to learn – It brought in $2,250 in one day for a total of 10 minutes work!

If you are a former registered member of the Options Hunter service and are familiar with the strategy we use, you are welcome to sign up for the individual one-time events as they are scheduled. Monthly service is available for current Options Hunter subscribers only visit for more information.

YES I want access to Friday October 30th expiration day.

I understand I will be charged $299 for the entire day

buy now options trading strategy, options trading strategies, option trading strategies

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