I just keep getting “lucky” with my analysis, it seems!

For the past 2 weeks, my Tweets have focused primarily on commodities & UUP & then in this past week, both in Tuesday’s class, nightly updates & Twitter, I have continued to emphasize GDX, commodities, UUP as well as the VXX daily & real time charts that feed the daily up divergence on VXX.
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My early Thursday Tweet before the markets opened suggested “exactly” how to take advantage of the up move by tracking the lower time frames for entry points on call options.
The GDX calls were up another 4,000%+ this week and VXX was up over 10,000% since Thursday afternoon, well past my Tweet before the markets opened!
I just keep getting “lucky” with my analysis, it seems! I wish I was an “expert”! Maybe in my next life! Check these Tweets. Do they look “confusing”? Just following up on things I explain in class & nightly updates so everything flows together, not separately!