GDX Call Options look Golden

GDX CALL options continue to Shine

GDX Call Options  continue to move higher on the strength of The monthly chart. GDX  along with major such as  NEM, ABX, etc are among the most powerful I have ever seen & even if there are some short-term real time weakness in the charts from time to time, they quickly disappear to allow the “continuation” move to power Gold higher.

Monthly GDX Charts shows  Classic MACD Divergence 

GDX call Opptions power higher

The monthly charts on GDX as well as many gold miners such as NEM, ABX, clearly demonstrate the power of the MACD divergence and the importance of reviewing multiple time frames . The longer term time frame dictates the preferred direction and the direction that will usually provide more explosive opportunities. The weekly and daily timeframes are used to pinpoint trade execution

Monthly Confirmed by Weekly  MACD Divergence

GDX MACD Divergence

The weekly MACD Divergence supports the longer time frame clearly showing a divergence that  began in  late January

Daily Macd Divergence Confirms Weekly 

The Daily MACD chart supports both weekly and Monthly chart and provided an excellent opportunity to ride gold from the low teens to almost thirty in short order.

“Powerful” does not even describe this adequately enough! This has been “life altering”, for those who understand these patterns & “act” on them! The uncanny timing that our charts described months ago & still show today, something we will “never” see the “experts” describe because they were not taught this in school or at their investment banks!

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