Did you catch the BioTech rise – we did!!

FROM the desk of Dale Wheatley LABU the Biotech 3x to AMGN, CELG, GILD, REGN. We caught it all AND we were ready!! I tweeted my Big Game clients on March 21, 2016, that the ENTIRE Biotech sector was showing a reversal pattern. I warned all my subscribers...
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Daily MACD Divergence Pick 11-19-15 – PPG

The Options Hunter runs a unique set of scanning tools on daily price charts. We look for good liquid stocks that have options and are exhibiting a daily MACD divergence on price action. The target price is based solely on the MACD divergence slope showing...
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 Debunking the biggest lie in options trading

In exactly 4 weeks, you will embark on the most intensive and in-depth option course imaginable On the second day of the course, with weekly options expiring, we’ll go mining for out of the money nuggets It’s small group, hands-on, so you better bring your...
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 The Value of Open Interest

Particularly outside equity markets having a finite number of shares available, many traders ignore open interest records in their option trading strategies. Primarily this is due to the impossibility of differentiating whether the open interest …is long or short, and so whatever good that may...
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The Power of Compounding

Compounding is the ability of an asset to generate income, and that income to generate further income. As attractive as the concept appears it is still a double edged sword to the investor, who can only consider compounded returns as the fruits of the market....
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