Back in February I was 3 months into my GDX hammering

This was from my February 24th, 2016 post on GDX. The accompanying video is at the end of this post.

“I have BEEN hammering on GDX charts for the past 3 months! With all of the short term opportunities to profit from OTM call options, in combination with the longer term moves, too. 3,500% yesterday! More today.

I think this 04/12/16 monthly chart showing the HUGE divergence on the MACD explains WHY I keep hammering on GDX. Look where the MACD says the price SHOULD BE!!


In case folks don’t understand the power in the patterns I teach, a person would have only needed to focus on the one ticker since I first mentioned the monthly & weekly up “extreme” divergences several MONTHS ago, as ANYONE who listens, in my class, can attest to!

The monthly chart MACD WAS & IS sharply AHEAD of the price, and I have mentioned it MANY times since. This type of “upward pressure” creates both long & short term trading opportunities for OTM calls OR to just purchase outright, one of the 3x leveraged Gold miners ETF’s such as NUGT or JNUG, each up nearly 400% (not any options, just the index price) since late January!

this highlights the power of what I teach very clearly! There is a trade for almost every type of trader, both short and long term for ETF’s or call options or a bit of both! The “experts” were advising to SELL gold & mining stocks, remember?? Who was correct? I think ANY thinking person could easily determine who won that challenge!

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Check out my video update from February.”


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