A taste of Expiration Friday August 28, 2015 – join us next time

Segment from Expiration Friday options group. We’re looking for a group of option traders willing to spend their Friday with like-minded traders in a collaborative effort under the guidance of Dale Wheatley. Traders willing to use their Options Hunter training to watch just one or two specific tickers that you’ll be assigned. You have to be keen-eyed and able to monitor these assigned tickers ALL DAY, looking for the type of divergence or continuation pattern that we look for.

If you’re prepared to invest a full day … I’ll train you how to find the trades ….live – you will see exactly what to look for and what to do when you see it and how to write yourself a check..on Paycheck Fridays

…and at a price that virtually anyone can afford.(if you can’t afford it…you probably shouldn’t be trading options…PERIOD)

How do you achieve incredible percentage returns on expiry day?

Little or no time premium is the key ingredient to making on the big money. Most options trader have resigned their out of the money options to that great trash pile of worthless trades and are already looking for their next loser …….. Their loss is our opportunity.

Upcoming dates September 11 and September 18, 2015. One time passes available or month-to-month service.

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