Fast track your way to winning trades

Join Dale Wheatley in person for 2 full days

October 5 and 6, 2017, Orlando, FL

**** Includes real-time monitoring of major ETFs during market hours. Small group only BOOK EARLY!  ****

Debunking the Options Trading Secrets Myth

There are NO option secrets. Don’t listen to the hype. If you don’t know how something works, or you don’t have much experience with something, it doesn’t mean there are actual secrets involved.

You just need to gain the knowledge and experience to make a technique work

The good news is that you don’t need gimmicks or magic bullets or get rich quick schemes or revealed secrets to make money trading options. All it takes is a common sense approach. 

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All we do is buy calls and puts; then sell them for a profit before expiration

​BUT you have to do it at exactly the right time and the right pattern with the right option! With Dale’s guidance you’ll learn the skills necessary to identify exactly the right setup at the right time, and when to pull the trigger to execute the trade.

Spend two whole days immersed in options

Both days are completely live charts all day, so we recommend you bring your computer with you. It’s like no other seminar, no dreary 200 page seminar manual with pages of printed charts and notes.

This seminar is all about you and interacting with you directly using live action where possible, so you’ll get to fully understand how Dale does what he does and start to make it your own trading philosophy.

“Thanks Dale for sacrificing your Trading time, you did a great job as usual, see you next time.”

Here's what you'll learn during 2 days of intensive training

  • why options offer you a great alternative investment limited risk, but unlimited potential
  • the extraordinary power of compounding your money
  • goal setting to determine your starting point and your desired results
  • chart analysis to determine the best patterns to achieve greatest gains
  • classroom examples of how to locate trades using end of day charts
  • when to buy calls
  • when to buy puts

         Plus these essentials to maximize your returns

  • how different markets can give us valuable insight into our own markets
  • finding the best chart pattern to allow us to leverage this valuable insight using options
  • why our risk becomes almost non-existent with the correct patterns and patience
  • what stocks and other instruments to trade
  • how to enter and exit
  • your action plan
  • how to compound your capital quickly

“If you missed the seminar, it was terrific! I would strongly encourage everyone go to the next one.”

Join Dale Wheatley for 2 exclusive days, in person and immerse yourself in the most dynamic options course


FOR ONLY $1495

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NOTE: Basic knowledge of options terminology and trading in general is required of attendees

Cancellation Policy

30 days or longer before seminar start cancellation incurs a $100 administrative fee. No cancellations within 30 days of seminar.

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